How to Avoid the Risks of Saving Passwords in Your Browser?

Never save passwords in your browser

Many of us save our passwords in web browsers for convenience, but is it really safe? In this article, we’ll explore the practice of storing passwords in browsers and the potential security risks associated with it. Online security is crucial, and understanding these risks can help you make informed decisions about your digital safety.  What […]

Business Email Hacked? 4 Quick Steps to Avoid Business Disruption

Business Email Compromise

Source: Freepik In today’s digital age, email is a crucial tool for businesses, but its ease of use also makes it a prime target for cybercriminals. When your business email gets compromised, it’s essential to respond swiftly and effectively to minimize potential risks. It’s worth noting that a business email compromise can provide attackers with […]

Digital Hygiene #1: Introducing Digital Hygiene

A lock and a globe in front of a world map to depict digital hygiene.

 In today’s interconnected world, where threats to our digital security are pervasive, practicing good digital hygiene is key to our online safety.   What is Digital Hygiene?  Digital hygiene encompasses a series of proactive steps and practices aimed at protecting our systems, data, and online presence from the ever-evolving threats posed by cybercriminals. By implementing […]

Google Enhanced Safe Browsing: Strengthening Online Security for Users

A man getting a fraud alert while using Google Enhanced Safe Browsing

As online threats continue to evolve and become more sophisticated, you must leverage the available security measures to effectively protect your digital life. Google recognizes this need and offers a powerful security feature called “Enhanced Safe Browsing.” This article will delve into what Enhanced Safe Browsing is, why users need it, how it can benefit […]

“I’ve Been Hacked, Now What?”

A set of binary numbers with the word hacked in between.

It’s a peaceful afternoon, and you’re enjoying a cup of tea while scrolling through your email or social media account, connecting with loved ones, and catching up on the latest news. Suddenly, you notice something strange—unfamiliar messages sent from your account, posts you never made, or maybe even suspicious activity that leaves you feeling violated […]

The Password Paradox: 4 Ways to Balance Security and Convenience

A password manager can be the key .

Passwords have become the guardians of our online identities, personal information, and businesses. However, they have also become a double-edged sword, where the stronger the password, the more difficult it becomes to remember. For small business owners, finding a balance between convenience and security has become increasingly challenging. As a small business owner, you cannot […]

May the Passwords be Strong with You: A Cyber Security Tale from the Star Wars Galaxy

Use strong passwords

In the Star Wars galaxy, there was a planet called #CyberSp@ce. The inhabitants of #CyberSp@ce were a technologically advanced species who had developed the most secure and advanced cyber security systems in the galaxy protected by unique passwords. One day, the people of #CyberSp@ce received a distress signal from a nearby planet. The planet, known […]